When you are involved in a business or commercial dispute, the number of legal questions that arise may seem overwhelming. What are the implications of a particular contract? What rights can be enforced? What damages can be recovered? What remedies are available? At McNees Wallace & Nurick we combine our broad experience with personalized attention to help answer all your questions about business disputes. Our team of business litigation attorneys offers sound advice to resolve your dispute through creative thinking and negotiation, alternative dispute resolution procedures (mediation and arbitration) or formal court proceedings. We assist with a wide variety of disputes by representing clients in:

  • Trademark and copyright litigation
  • Patent litigation
  • Transactional disputes
  • Corporate (entity control) litigation
  • Minority shareholder rights disputes
  • Directors and officers liability issues
  • Business tort claims
  • Contract and warranty claims
  • Employment non-compete litigation
  • Bankruptcy Preference litigation

At McNees Wallace & Nurick, we recognize that when a dispute occurs, you need to get back to business-as-usual as soon as possible, so we provide the assistance that helps you reach an effective, positive and speedy resolution. Our advocates begin by thoroughly understanding your business objectives and developing a litigation strategy. We then work with you to implement a plan that meets those objectives, whether that means an early settlement, aggressive court litigation or pursuing another method of dispute resolution.

Whether you're a part of a business or nonprofit institution are defending a claim, or need a legal team to prosecute a claim on your behalf, McNees Wallace & Nurick offers the support you need to resolve your dispute.