Food Industry

FROM FARM TO FORK - The McNees Food Industry Group provides a full spectrum of services specifically tailored to the needs of the industry. Our attorneys counsel and represent clients concerning compliance with international, federal, state, and local food laws and regulations.

The food industry presents unique legal and regulatory challenges. Our attorneys are knowledgeable about the latest regulatory developments and other factors affecting the industry, and are ready to assist clients with long-standing and emerging issues. Many of our attorneys have significant government and industry experience.

McNees’s Food Industry Group regularly assists clients involved in Food Growing and Processing, including environmental and regulatory compliance for facilities and operations, supply and co-pack agreements, and employment and labor issues. McNees attorneys advise food manufacturers and packagers concerning Packaging and Food Labeling, through interpretation and implementation of state and federal labeling requirements, negotiations with regulatory authorities, and advice concerning participation in industry groups such as the Institute of Food Technologists and the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO). In addition, McNees attorneys are experienced with Pet Food Packaging and Labeling requirements and assist clients in complying with AAFCO guidelines and state pet food regulations.

We also assist clients involved in Food Transportation and Distribution by handling matters such as contract negotiations, insurance coverage issues, carrier liability determinations, licensing, and environmental compliance. McNees advises food retailers concerning Food Advertising, Branding and Licensing, including such issues as trademark clearance and protection, comparison advertising, coupons and rebates, contests, licensing and franchising.

Finally, when issues arise that require Litigation and Conflict Resolution, our attorneys offer sound advice to resolve disputes efficiently employing alternative dispute resolution procedures (mediation and arbitration) or litigation when necessary. McNees has assisted food industry clients in labor negotiations with unions, contract disputes with suppliers and customers, appeals to regulatory agencies, insurance coverage disputes, and more. Our approach to conflict resolution bears the hallmark of all of McNees’s services, namely Clients First.

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