Our History

In 1912, Sterling G. McNees started his law career in the small western Pennsylvania town of Apollo, just 20 minutes east of Pittsburgh. Then in 1935, shortly after he formed a partnership with Charles Hollinger and Gilbert Nurick, he was engaged by Milton Hershey to do legal work for Hershey interests. As they served Hershey Chocolate Corporate, Hershey Estates, the Milton Hershey School, the Hershey Trust Company and Hershey National Bank as well as other clients, their reputation for conscientious and successful service grew.

In 1942, David M. Wallace joined the firm, and by 1950, McNees Wallace & Nurick had grown to specialize in a wide array of practice groups, such as real estate, financial services and estate and trusts.  

McNees Wallace & Nurick opened offices in Washington D.C. in 1996, Columbus, Ohio in 1997, State College, Pennsylvania in 2002, Lancaster, Pennsylvania in 2004 and Scranton, Pennsylvania in 2012.

Today, McNees Wallace & Nurick continues its tradition of valued service, its understanding of Clients First, and its leading edge spirit. Explore our site and you'll see that while McNees Wallace & Nurick keeps ahead of your trends, issues and challenges, our foundation of quality service remains steadfast and strong.

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