Spotlight On
Municipal Recovery

Local Governments, authorities and school districts in Pennsylvania face tremendous financial challenges. For some municipalities the challenges are so great that they need to enter into the distressed municipality regime of Act 47. And for many others, although their problems do not rise to the level of Act 47, the prospect of Act 47 looms large. Even the most wealthy municipalities in the state are facing budgetary tests that are more acute than ever before.

In order for a municipality to survive and thrive in this environment, it needs to proactively address its fiscal challenges in a comprehensive manner. The McNees Municipal Recovery Group has been working with municipalities facing distressed status, and provides a coordinated, holistic approach to tackling the legal aspects of municipal fiscal distress. Working in cooperation with the municipality's administrators, solicitor and financial advisor, the Municipal Recovery Group provides valuable insight and assistance on a range of issues.

Our goal is to help your municipality identify and address the factors, large and small, that contribute to fiscal distress, and to help your municipality improve your overall fiscal condition so that you can provide quality services with the least possible impact on your taxpayers.

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